Oppo Reno Going For RM 1 With Maxis Mobile Plans

What can you buy with RM1 these days? Well apparently, now you can buy the Oppo Reno, with plans from Maxis anyways.

OPPO has partnered up with Maxis, and you can now get the latest OPPO Reno series at just RM1. But with a very convenient small text at the bottom which reads “Advance payment applies where applicable”. Awfully convenient Maxis, but still, the deal might be pretty good regardless. A pity they didn’t mention how much was needed upfront, and only mentions the RM 1 part.

The MaxisOne Plan 188 is now offering consumers the latest OPPO Reno at only RM1 along with 60GB data/day and unlimited calls and texts.
Maxis is also offering a Zerolution plan for the OPPO Reno. With this package you can get the latest Reno series from as low as RM 39 without any prior down payment and zero interest rates. Now O-fans can get the latest from OPPO without burning a hole in their pocket.

Both the plans from Maxis will be available from 31 st May 2019 onwards. Interested consumers and buyers can visit here to know more.

The phone lauched in Malaysia on the 16th May 2019 and priced at RM1,999 the OPPO Reno.

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