OPPO Looks To Streamline Their Products In 2019; But Who Really Cares?


OPPO has announced to streamline its products into 3 major lineups which are Reno, Find, and A Series, each focusing on a different target audience. The Reno Series for ‘creative personnel‘, Find Series for ‘cutting edge technology admirers‘ and A Series for ‘all day entertainment‘. That’s all fine and dandy but honestly who cares? The phones will pretty much do the same sh*t anyway. Why the sudden need to differentiate it, and send a press release about it?

Well the answer is evidently the fact that OPPO is celebrating their 5th year anniversary in Malaysia. With that, they’re trying to introduce improved tech, like the A series. They claim that many chose the OPPO A Series as their first smartphone, but I’m not really sure on those facts. The truth of the matter is, this is pretty much just PR, and hyping up the imminent launch of the A9 2020. Well fine, at least let’s get to the specifics of the device.

The OPPO A9 2020 offers a new 48MP Quad Camera with 119° Ultra Wide Angle lens, 8GB RAM + 128 GB ROM, and a 5000 mAh ‘ultra battery’. Not too sure what that means, but I figure it’s just fancy language to hype up the device. Looks pretty good on paper, but we’ll have to get it in hand to see how it really performs.

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