Octopath Traveler’s April Update Reveals Two Characters

Fans of the 16-bit JRPGs of the past are eagerly anticipating the release of Square Enix and Acquire’s latest entry; indeed, it’s Octopath Traveler April Update. As the game’s release approaches, Square Enix has been sharing monthly updates to keep fans excited. This month’s update reveals two new protagonists and introduces new key features for the game.


h'aanit the hunter octopath traveler

First up is H’aanit, the Hunter. She journeys to find her lost master, who mysteriously disappears whilst chasing a fiend. H’aanit’s Path Action is Provoke, a skill that enables her to draw people into combat using various beasts. Using Provoke, she fends people off or opens paths guarded by foes.

therion the thief octopath traveler

Next is Therion, the Thief. His journey begins when a mysterious client asks him to obtain a rare gemstone. Therion’s Path Action is Steal – this lets him swipe items off nearly any person. These goods may be rare or desired among various people.

Square Enix also reveals the Noble and Rogue Path Actions for in Octopath Traveler April Update. Each character specialises in one Path Action that is either Noble or Rogue.

Noble Path Actions risk no failure, but require enough levels or in-game currency. On the other hand, Rogue Path Actions risk failure, though it’s free to use. Failing a Rogue Path Action hurts the protagonist’s standing with the common folk. As such, villagers will be less receptive to the player’s actions. If this happens, the protagonist will have to bribe the bar-keeper to restore lost reputation.

H’aanit and Therion both use Rogue Path Actions. Meanwhile, Noble Path Actions belong to characters, such as Olberic and Tressa; this one aligns with societal standards.

Lastly for the Octopath Traveler April Update, is the inclusion of side stories. In addition to the protagonists’ own stories, many around the overworld will have their own plights to share. Players can explore these side-stories and come to personalised conclusions using various Path Actions.

While Octopath Traveler fashions its aesthetic as a throwback to older games, the new concepts are very different; specifically from those many will know as retro JRPGs. The idea of building a game around many story choices has been, and still is, common to the west. The contrast may also be why excitement behind the game dwarfs Square Enix’s other attempts at the old-school formula. Of course, this includes the recently  such as I Am Setsuna and Lost Sphear.

To-date, Square Enix has put out six out of the eight main characters. These characters are Orberic the Swordsman; Primrose the Dancer; Tressa the Merchant; Alfyn the Apothecary; H’aanit the Hunter; and Therion the Thief.

Octopath Traveler is coming to the Nintendo Switch worldwide on the July 13 2018.

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