Newly Convicted Former PM Najib Justifies The Stealing Of Gov’t Funds In New Facebook Live Video

Screenshot from Facebook Live video posted yesterday on Najib’s account.

It has been about a week since Najib Razak was found guilty of money laundering, criminal breach of trust and abuse of power in the SRC International trial and now in a new video released yesterday he insists that none of the RM42 million had been for “personal use” or bribes.

The former prime minister and 67-year-old Pekan MP also vowed to appeal the Kuala Lumpur High Court’s “unfair” verdict.

In a Facebook Live video posted yesterday, he said 99 percent of the money from SRC International that made its way into his personal accounts in 2014 and 2015 was used for corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities aimed at helping orphan children.

The donations were supposedly funneled into his OWN foundation in Pekan to help the orphan children with supplies and other necessities. Billionaires funneling corrupt money into their foundations under the guise of charitable donation? Sounds unprecedented. (insert sarcasm here)

Here’s the video but be warned the lies are so poorly framed I am actually disappointed in our good ol’ former PM.


Let me just say, upon watching this video I couldn’t help but draw this eerie parallel to a Hollywood sociopath you might know. Let me know if you thought the same watching the video. LOL

Say what you want about the man but his social media brainwashing game is on point. 

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