My New Friend The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3


The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 features a slew of features that puts it apart from the others in the pack. Samsung has managed to combine style, elegance and sophistication in a single device that will not look out of place in your hands, at the coffee shop or even a board room table. Plus, it is plenty powerful to do just about anything you want it to do.

Power on demand

The Galaxy Tab S3 comes with more power than you would want. Inside is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, which is definitely powerful enough to run just about any app you have in mind. While it is not the latest processor, it is still a flagship-level SoC that ensures all of your apps will be running without problems, whenever you need it.

Memory? No problem

Not only the Galaxy Tab S3 comes with a high performance processor, it has enough memory to back it up. 4GBs of RAM means that the apps running on the tablet will not be facing the dreaded low memory notification, while 64GB of on board storage means the tablet can handle as much data as you have – and can even expand more storage through the microSD slot.

Screen perfect

The 9.7 inch IPS Super AMOLED screen will display any content you throw at it without any problem. The screen is bright, renders punchy colours and is also a power saver when you need it to be. The S-Pen meanwhile turns this normal screen into a creativity tool, thanks to the support for drawing apps as well as 4096 pressure levels. You can easily emulate a light brush of paint, or a hard scratch of a pencil on screen with little to no trouble.

Complete productivity

If you think a tablet is only to consume, think again. With the optional cover keyboard, you can type your short (or even long!) article whenever you need to do work. Thanks to the POGO pins on the tablet, you do not need to use Bluetooth as it will be automatically recognised by the tablet without any fussy pairing modes to be activated. This cover plus the pen equals unrivalled productivity.

Highlight 1 – USD Type-C Yo

The tablet features the new USB connector for future proofing

Highlight 2 – Paper-size

The form factor of the Galaxy Tab S3 mimics a piece of paper, as it is a 3:2 ratio display

Highlight 3 – Long Battery

6000mAh will ensure full day use with a single charge – plus it has quick charging to top up power insantly

Highlight 4 – Multimedia Fiend

Thanks to the powerful processor, big screen and great display – watching movies on this is enjoyable!

Byline: Sharil


Price: RM 2,999
Dimensions (HxWxD): 237.3 x 169 x 6 mm
Weight: 434 grams
Processor: Qualcom Snapdragon 820
Storage: 64GB
Operating System: Android 7.0
Display: 9.7” Super AMOLED
4G LTE/Bluetooth/Wifi
Ports: 1x Type-C USB

Benchmark Score

3DMark:          Slingshot Extreme – 1463
Ice Storm Unlimited – 19836

AnTuTu:         146713

PCMark:         5086


V – 8

P – 10

F – 9

D – 9

U – 9

Total – 9 (Platinum) 

Verdict: A great tablet for creativity and productivity

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