[#MWC17] Dive in: Samsung Gear VR with Controller

Samsung’s Gear VR is getting a friend to join its collection – now it comes with a controller.

The controller was created together with Oculus – giving hand control and better motion interaction with minimized head movement.

The main of the controller comes with a touchpad, allowing for easy navigation to videos and perform a number of actions within a game – including the ability to point, drag and drop, tilt, shoot; while the trigger lets you select, grab, take aim, and fire. The controller also has integrated home, volume, and back buttons. It also has a wrist strap offers a secure grip so the controller won’t accidentally slip out of your hand when you get excited while gaming.

The Gear VR with Controller gives 42mm lenses with 101-degree FOV (Field of View) and advanced distortion correction technology to minimize motion sickness. It will support both micro USB and USB Type-C port with a converter in-box. The Gear VR will have a strap on the headset to hold the Controller when it is not in use.

Along with the announcement of the controller, there will also be a series of controller-compatible content coming, with more than 70 new titles in development.  Existing touchpad apps will be compatible as well. The latest edition of the Samsung Gear VR is compatible with the Galaxy S7, S7 edge, Note5, S6 edge+, S6 and S6 edge.

Samsung open up the Gear VR Controller SDK to all developers in a few weeks.

New Samsung Gear VR Product Specifications

Samsung Gear VR
with Controller
Dimension /
207.8 x 122.5 x 98.6mm / 345g Dimension /
108.1 x 48.1 x 38.2mm / 64.3g
Optical Lens Φ42, FOV 101º x6.25 Control & Function Touchpad (Clickable), Trigger, Home Key, Back Key, Volume Key
Sensor Accelerometer, Gyrometer, Proximity Sensor Accelerometer, Gyrometer, Magnetic
Compatibility Galaxy S7, S7 edge, Note5, S6 edge+, S6, S6 edge Battery AAA Battery * 2ea (1000mAh, average 2 hours of daily use will last for 40 days)


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