Motorola RAZR Leaks Keep Coming: 10 Pictures Of The Device Leak & Its Hard To Contain Our Excitement

Just last week, Motorola announced the launch event for the device that the 90s kids (ok maybe just me) have been patiently waiting for; the iconic RAZR flip phone. It’s been too long since the tech God’s have graced us with a brand that does the flip phone form factor any justice and who better to take on the responsibility than the brand that perfected it in the early 2000s.

Today, the internet, well, the ever reliable @evleaks at least, has blessed us with our best look yet at the much anticipated device in the form of 10 leaked photos. The leaked pictures show the device from pretty much every angle and its safe to say, we now have a great idea of how the device is going to look come launch. Check out the photos below:

The design stays true to the iconic RAZR design, especially with the chin at the bottom. On the front, you get a selfie camera and a secondary screen, which the RAZR V9 had as well. It’s really great to see Motorola maintaining all the tiny details as a homage to the original. What’s not so great though, is that being a foldable, the phone is probably going to cost a bomb, just like the original RAZR devices did. There are rumours that it’ll be around US$1500.

Another piece of bad news is that the supposedly leaked specs for the device aren’t that great either. It is rumoured to come equipped running a Snapdragon 710 processor with either 4GB or 6GB of RAM, which isn’t bad, but isn’t top of the line either. It is also rumoured to come with a 2730mAh battery, which is underwhelming.

Whatever it is, we’ll find out on the 13th of November once the phone is officially launched. Can’t wait!

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