Motorola Introduces Worlds First True 5G Smartphone

If there is one party quick to talk about the next generation mobile technology it has to be Qualcomm, forerunner in 5G and ahead of the pack in mobile processing in 5G technology. Working with Motorola the chipset manufacturer has achieved in having the Moto Z3 added with a 5G Moto Mod perform fully as a functional 5G smartphone.

Fitted with mmWave antenna modules (those you see protruding on the top of the Mod) is able to receive high speed up to 10x faster than todays wireless technology. The moto z3 features an innovative design powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon X50 5G and X24 LTE modems along with QTM052 mmWave antenna attached to the back of the 5G Mod.

Supporting 5G NR the global standard for 5G, the 5G moto is capable of unprecedented cellular speeds and will be soon tested on Verizon network as the telco prepares for a roll-out.

Welcome to dawn of the 5G era.

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