More Than 50% Malaysians Using Older Windows OS

windows 7

Not the news Microsoft wanted to hear, but looks like most Malaysians are still comfortable with older Windows versions. The software giant is relentless in getting Windows 10 in every PC in the country, but may are still reluctant despite the free download period is coming to an end.

Using the web traffic analysis tool StatCounter, it shows that 50.4 percent of PCs in the country are still running on Windows 7 (released 6 years ago) or Windows 8.1. See chart below.

windows graph

But since ourselves been using Windows 10 since the preview version was introduced last year, we are pleased to say the new OS is the most intuitive of all either on a full touch screen device or non touch screen. There hasn’t been any major bugs, runs smoothly on both older and newer systems. As we mentioned in our earlier posts, we do recommend to try out Windows 10.

windows 10new

According to Bruce Howe, General Manager Consumer Channels Group, Microsoft Malaysia, “Windows 10 is the fastest growing version of Windows in history, as well as being the most personal and productive version of Windows we’ve ever created to date. Since launch, Windows 10 has run on more than 350 million active devices around the world, with 135 billion hours usage recorded. And adds that customers should take advantage of the free upgrade before it expires on July 29th.

After which users will have to purchase separately, with a Windows 10 Home priced at RM629.99 and Windows 10 Pro at RM1,099 inclusive of GST.

New features are constantly being added and for those who want to benefit using personal digital assistant Cortana or share X Box games from their PC to their console will have definitely have find Windows 10 useful.

Dont wait to long, the rush might crash the servers!


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