Mobile Legends: Adventures; Sequel To Mobile Legends Releasing In July

Fans of the popular Mobile MOBA, Mobile Legends Bang Bang, rejoice! Moonton are releasing the game’s sequel, Mobile Legends: Adventure. Adventure or MLA takes on a different form as a strategy card game. It is expected to launch towards the end of July 2019 with Hero Miya, Tigreal, Layla and more reworked to create a new experience in this new idle game.

In comparison to MLBB, this latest installation is designed for quick play. The game will feature rewards which are from an auto farming system. This will play out while the game is idle offline, so it won’t consume as much data or storage space.

In each battle you have the option of double acceleration and the ability to whip out equipment at the push of a button. There will be some tactics to the game, such as positioning of characters. Placing a Warrior or Tank in the back rows would make them less effective or even putting the Marksman in the frontline would probably kill him. So, it’s slightly more intricate than other idlers.

The game features distinct power attributes; these five types of strengths have their own unique relationships with one another and can produce Power Countering. Players will need to keep in mind strengths and weaknesses to organise an effective line-up of heroes. With the appropriate formation when facing opponent & attributes, players inflict bonus damage according to their power attributes. It’s a pretty basic formula which many games on the mobile market follow at the moment. Think of it like Pokemon.

Auto Chess

I personally hoped for the game to be an Auto Chess clone rather than and idler. Drodo released Dota Auto Chess on Steam, and the game has since taken fans of MOBA’s by storm. Drodo studios, who developed the game mode in Dota 2, have ported Auto Chess to mobile, and is now in early access. The game doesn’t feature Dota characters, so it loses out there. Moonton should probably take heed, and bring their own version of the game with their roster to beat others to the punch. I predict that Auto Chess and games in that genre are about to dominate the mobile gaming market.


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