Now Microsoft Wants A Makeover Of Redmond HQ

Just as Apple employees move into their new spanking headquarters in Cuppertino, Microsoft is planning to add more acreage to its existing Redmond campus. Having had the office in the same location since 1986, the software giant is sprucing up the space with 18 new buildings, slated 6.7 million square feet office space for renovation and US$150 million in transportation infrastructure.

Upon completion the project will be comprised of 131 buildings — including the equivalent of 180 football fields of new and renovated space — of modern workspace for 47,000 employees and potential to add up to 8,000 more people.

The campus will practice a Zero Waste policy and will continue to focus further on waste-reduction initiatives. Microsoft will be using Azure for building system monitoring to optimise energy usage and reduce carbon footprint in the campus.

No design sketch has been released for the new buildings as to whether the theme will be space age or minimalist, it is an open secret large technology companies are rushing to build offices that make a statement and have mouth gaping in their architectural design.

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