Microsoft Build 2018: Cross-device Feature For Windows 10, Android, iOS

As Microsoft inches out from the mobile operating software race, it tries to do so with grace. The Microsoft Build 2018 conference introduces a cross-device feature through a Your Phone app on Windows 10. Furthermore, Windows Timeline arrives for iPhone and Android.

Microsoft Build 2018 introduces cross-device Feature For Windows 10, Android, iOS

The main idea of these apps all boils down to connectivity. Using them together allows Android or iOS users to begin and continue work left on their computers.

The Your Phone app launches through the Windows Insiders Program this week. With this app, users may share notifications, messages, and photos between their Windows 10 computers and phones. Furthermore, Microsoft demonstrates how photos transfer easily between phones and computers. Whether this can be done with other file types is not known, yet.

Next is Windows Timeline. The feature is a new inclusion to Windows 10’s April 2018 update, which lets users search through their past activities up to 30 days. This includes apps, files, and visited websites. Since this feature is here for Android and iOS devices, mobile users now have access to the same timeline seen on their computers. This allows them to seamlessly pick up from whatever they were doing.

While Windows Timeline is on the Edge app, Microsoft pushes it into the Microsoft Launcher app for Android. Users will have to download these apps first to use the cross-device feature.

(Source: VentureBeat)

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