Metro Royale Mode; PUBG Mobile Launches Metro Exodus Collaboration

PUBG MOBILE has just announced a collaboration with Metro Exodus, the latest video game series within the famous Metro trilogy published by Deep Silver and PUBG MOBILE new version 1.1 update.

Through this latest patch update, PUBG Mobile presents the Lightweight Installation feature, which has functions to reduce the file size on Android mobile phones to 70% smaller and gives an option for Android users who have limited storage space, to choose what content will be installed according to their needs.

PUBG Mobile Metro Royale Mode has been released in Malaysia on November 11. In this new PUBG Mobile Metro Royale Mode, PUBG introduces explorable landscapes on the 2 maps based on classic Erangel, including forgotten ruins, trenches, a bandit camp and other unique scenes. An entire hidden underground world also emerges, boasting a new railcar vehicle and unique combat mechanisms. 

In this Metro Royale mode, a player will experience an intense underground battle against bandits to ferocious mutants hiding in the shadows of darkness. PUBG has added a variety of tactical equipment in this mode, ranging from thermal sights that can track body heat, Night Vision Scope & Goggles to target enemies in the dark and a diverse range of armour attachments that can further customise the abilities of armours. 

In addition to a wide variety of new tactical equipment and map locations, PUBG MOBILE has also added new gameplay that provides more challenges for players to get a variety of valuable loot, by attacking and defeating bandits who cross the battlefield of Metro Royale.

Players can also get higher value items when they go underground and find mysterious mutants. In Metro Royale mode, players need to arm themselves and enter the battlefield, then defeat enemies, search for supplies, score loot, get better gear, escape and amass a fortune.

Now, Metro Royale gameplay lobby is accessible through the metro tunnel entrance in the PUBG MOBILE main menu lobby, and includes a complete auxiliary system and features such as:

Black Market – In this Metro Royale Shop, players can purchase supplies and new equipment before entering matches and can sell the supplies they bring out of Metro Royale for Metro Cash. 

Loadout Inventory – Players can configure personalised loadouts to be used in battle, including gear and ammunition. Similarly, items collected in Metro Royale can be deposited at the in-game safe, and will be brought back for accessibility after the match 

Command Post – At the Command Post, players can check Favourability with non-player characters (NPCs), read NPC backstories and give them Favourability-boosting gifts. Higher Favourability increases player chances of receiving resources from NPCs in-game.

Multiple new features have also been added in Classic Mode, including throwable melee weapons and Spike Traps. In addition to quick hand-to-hand combat, players can now toss melee weapons at enemies within 40 meters to deal damage.

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