Malaysian Man Using Facebook To Lure In Victims For Organ Trafficking

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Usually, you would hear these black market activities on the dark web but Facebook? That’s a little too open and risky but someone has been doing it for quite some time.

According to UK newspaper, The Sun, a Malaysian man is reportedly involved in organ trafficking by luring poverty-stricken victims from around the world through Facebook to sell their organs.

The report claimed that two years ago, he started using a Facebook group to buy and sell kidneys, sourcing from the potential organ donors from the poor and he had had masterminded 45 illicit kidney sales.

He allegedly told The Sun that the donors are all serious and that nobody wants to sell their kidney unless there is financial problems.

The Sun claimed the man had boasted of having more than 100 potential kidney sellers and his fees included bribes for performing the operation for a clinic in Manila, the Philippines.

With zero medical experience, the father of four, was met in Sarawak by undercover reporters from The Sun where they had pretended to be kidney buyers for a relative in Britain who needed a transplant.

The report said the man initially charged a £55,000 fee (RM 301,581) to supply the kidney and an additional £65,000 (RM 356,414) to pay to the clinic but eventually dropped the total fee to £85,000 (RM 466,080) and the entire fee is paid directly to the Malaysian.

The man said the rules that ban transplant operations between donors and recipients that are not friends or blood-related are sorted out with bribes and forged paperwork.

The man has allegedly been involved in the illegal trade since 2010 according to The Sun. His operation was then centred in China, and he had asked patients to leave China within two weeks to “dispose of the evidence” even though they were not healed entirely.

However, the report said the man stopped his operations in China in 2016 when he heard that mostly Uighur communities held in concentration camps had their kidneys taken away from them.

He told The Sun that he was very aware of his risky job of organ trafficking and that he was relocating his operations to the Philippines.

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