London 5G Ready By End May 2019

Qualcomm together with UK telecommunication giant EE will be rolling out the 5G availability in 6 cities by 30th May including London making it the first European city where consumers can actually experience the amazing gigabit speeds.

Users can try out 5G speeds using dedicated smartphones that uses Snapdragon 855 Mobile Platform with Snapdragon X50 5G Modem and Qualcomm Technologies’ RF Front-End (RFFE) solutions. Currently there are limited smartphones that offer such capability, with the likes of OnePlus, Oppo, all having components that can handle 5G.

The launch of EE’s 5G network and availability of premium 5G devices are expected to enable UK consumers to experience 5G’s multi-gigabit speeds and ultra-low latency in coming days, EE is expected to switch on its 5G network on May 30th in six cities across the UK (London, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Belfast, Birmingham and Manchester). By the end of 2019, this is anticipated to expand to 10 more cities (Glasgow, Newcastle, Liverpool, Leeds, Hull, Sheffield, Nottingham, Leicester, Coventry and Bristol), The new 5G network will use band n78, which was auctioned earlier this year in the UK.

Earlier, this year the two company collaborated to trial the power of 5G on an interactive VR demo using football footage captured at a recent football match. With 5G, 4K streaming of the English Premier League will now reach to the farthest regions of the globe and will be accessible to billions of mobile users. These are some of the possibilities for the next evolution of telecommunication.

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