Latest Netflix ISP Index Ranks TIME Best Provider

When it comes to streaming movies and videos, the two crucial factors for good internet connectivity are consistency and speed. In countries where Netflix is available, the operator publishes a monthly Internet Service Provider index, ranking ISPs that acceses their service. The above graph lists statistics from June 2016 to June 2017. Just as an information to the readers – Netflix started local operation in January last year.

Since Malaysia is one of those countries Netflix is available, we are listed in the index; and the results shows that TIME is the most consistent among the lot, with 3.87 Mbps of average connection speed and it is also stable when it comes to connectivity. Not so much so for TM however, as the report indicates our largest telecommunication player is slow and quite unstable with deep drops in connection speeds around April this year. Maxis Fibre is constant at speeds of 3.53Mbps, despite riding on TM backbone.

Hopefully with streaming providers like Netflix and YouTube publishing these reports and keeping check on our fibre broadband providers, we can get improved service from the three incumbents.

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