Lamb Chops Top CNY Food Ordered Online In China

China is admired to have a very efficient online food delivery service, one can make an order for any type of meal and the dishes are sometime guaranteed to arrive on time and warm. There are even options to have the chefs to come over and cook them for you if you don’t prefer reheated food. Alibaba is the top choice for many Chinese as the tech giant offers end to end service, from purchase, delivery to payment and this Chinese New Year the tech savvy opted to the platform for their reunion dinner plating.

Living in the city with smaller kitchen and considering the hard work that takes to make steam fish, spring rolls to rice cakes and dumplings, the easier option is to order them online. A popular trend that is given rise to pre-cooked or pre-packaged meals ordered online and delivered directly to the home.

This year, sales of pre-packaged New Year’s food on Alibaba’s Tmall grew by a whopping over 1,600% compared to 2018 among them were Abalone and Sea Cucumber, Sticky Rice and Roasted Duck and Lamb Chop.

Wonder if this trend will start in Malaysia!

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