La Casa De Papel Returns to Free Fire for the Final Episode: Raid and Run this December!

Garena announced a second run of Free Fire’s crossover with La Casa De Papel (also known as Money Heist) that captured the hearts of many fans around the world last fall. From December 3 to December 14, La Casa De Papel will return to Free Fire with an in-game event, Final Episode: Raid and Run. The event will feature new missions, collaborative themed items, and engagement activities across social media. 

Final Episode: Raid and Run

The Professor returns to Bermuda with a mission: locate the gold and save the Free Fire Squad caught during a heist, with the assistance of Free Fire players. Starting 3 December, Survivors will be able to join forces with the Professor and the Free Fire Squad to complete the final heist. To retrieve the gold and free the Free Fire squad, Survivors will have to follow the Professor’s instructions and unlock various in-game missions.

The Final Episode: Raid and Run will also feature an in-game reskin, a new interface, and web events.  

Search for clues to get prizes in Gold Loot

A local web event takes the catchphrase “Raid and Run” to the next level. Starting from December 2 to December 11, Survivors can try their hand at decoding the vault hiding away a shiny gold Cha-ching lootbox, fitting of the event’s name – Gold Loot.

Exclusive collectibles to look the part 

On the quest to raid and run, Survivors can also deck themselves out in exclusive themed items and battle in style! Take part in the Professor’s final mission with the exclusive Free Fire x La Casa De Papel collection, available for Survivors to adorn and fully immerse themselves in the crossover experience. 

More details on the Free Fire x La Casa De Papel collaboration will be announced in the following weeks. Stay tuned to Free Fire’s official Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram pages for all the latest updates.

Check out the crossover event teaser on YouTube here.  

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Free Fire MAX is also available on the Apple iOS App and Google Play store. 


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