Keeping Your Kids Safe

Children will be children, and while parents and guardians may advise and remind them about safety online behaviours, they generally do not listen.
Based on the 2016 Internet Service Providers (ISP) group study, 74 per cent of Malaysian parents think that there is a need for their children to be protected online.

The question is, ‘How’?

PC.Com caught up with Ms. Sylvia Ng, General Manager, Kaspersky Lab – SEA to find out how Kaspersky Lab can better protect and manage children’s safety online.

What are the threats faced by children on the Internet?
Everything could be a threat for kids because they are too trusting, and more easily caught up by social engineering schemes.
To be more quantitative, a recent survey conducted by Kaspersky Lab and B2B International over a 12-month period indicates 22 per cent of children were affected by cyber incidents.

We can categorize these cyber incidents into three factors. First, threats from strangers; sexual predators, sextortion and fraud. Next, threats from friends i.e cyberbullying, pranks and sextortion. Third, threats from the children themselves; oversharing, sexting, bullying and downloading or sharing illegal content.

What can parents do?
The key is to ‘communicate’; nothing beats open face-to-face chats. By talking as a mentor, you can teach your kids what is socially acceptable or otherwise. Kids should feel comfortable coming to you as their parents first, when and if they do something wrong. However, parents would realise that for many kids, while they listen, they don’t always implement. This is why it is important to educate ourselves and find the best tools to protect kids from online dangers, such as Kaspersky Safe Kids.

What is Kaspersky Safe Kids?

Kaspersky Safe Kids is a new multi-platform service that can create a safeguarded digital zone for kids. It is available for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS.

What are the key features of Kaspersky Safe Kids?
Kaspersky Safe Kids protects kids from inappropriate websites and objectionable communications. It sends reports to your phone when your children search, read or watch something you don’t like them to read or watch, all in accordance with the settings you’ve preset. Use Safe Kids to set up safe zones, which are familiar to your children and where you expect them to be. Kaspersky Safe Kids lets you track their location via GPS in real time. If they leave this place you’ll instantly get a notification.

Get onto safer access for kids, and more peace of mind for parents via Kaspersky Safe Kids.

Kaspersky Safe Kids is free to download at

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