It’s Official: Xbox Users Are More Toxic Gamers Than PlayStation Users; But Why?

If you’ve ever played any sort of multiplayer game, you’d know just how aggressive other gamers can be. Be it verbal aggression, physical aggression, anger or hostility, gamers tend to let it be known just how they feel about you, especially if you’re not exactly good at the game. That being said, we’ve never actually known which console houses the more toxic players.. Until now, that is.

If you’ve ever wondered whether Xbox gamers are more abusive than PlayStation gamers, a recent study conducted using the Buss Perry Aggression Questionnaire has the answer for you. Out of a 1000 gamers surveyed across the PC, mobile, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch platforms, it was found that Xbox gamers scored the highest in Physical Aggression, Verbal Aggression, Anger, and Hostility.

Now the question here is why? In my opinion, the answer is simple. Gameplay can get extra frustrating when you’re on a subpar console and let’s face it the Xbox is one ugly son of a b*tch. That being said this is obviously just a personal opinion, so yeah. It’s really anyone’s guess as to why Xbox gamers are more aggro than their PS counterparts.

In terms of toxicity relating specifically to game titles, the most toxic behaviour can be found when playing BattlefieldCall of Duty: Modern Warfare (COD:MW)FIFA, and Animal Crossing. I know what you’re thinking. Xbox gamers being toxic is understandable but toxic players on Animal Crossing? No way! Well, I suppose the game can get a bit frustrating for certain people.

One thing unique to consoles is controller smashing and I’m not even going to lie I’ve been guilty of that at times so in case you’re wondering just how many controllers have been smashed out of those surveyed, the answer is 438 (Xbox & PS4) over the last 12 months. As big of a number as that is, that’s hardly surprising. If you disagree, try playing COD:MW or FIFA and maybe you’ll understand :’)

For the full results of the study, head on over HERE.




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