It Turns Out Kanye West’s Christian TIK TOK Alternative, “JESUS TOK” Was Not A Joke; God Help Us All

TikTok’s time in the US of A is numbered and with a less than a month to go before the company has to close shop, things are starting to get a little weird. Looking past the reports that likes of Microsoft and Google parent company Alphabet are in talks to acquire TikTok’s US business is Kanye West, and the man has quite the plan.

In what has now become a weekly series of weird ass tweets, Kanye West shared his plan for “JESUS TOK”, a christian alternative to TikTok last week, tweeting:

At the time, I honestly thought he was joking. I mean come on, this is the same dude who announced that he’d be running for president, and then announced he was backing out before making another announcement that he has in fact not backed out. That being said, Ye ‘s struggles with bipolar disorder have been well documented so, it’s hardly surprising.

Even so however, a christian alternative to TikTok by the same guy who once dropped the verse “Whip that, bitch out. Tits out, oh st. My dick out, can she suck it right now? Fk, can she f**k right now? I done asked twice now. Can you bring your price down?” sounds a little far out to say the least.

West, who’s gone to great lengths to reform and rebuild his image since the birth of his daughter isn’t mucking about though. Taking to Twitter once again, the rapper gave us an update on his JESUS TOK idea, and it turns out that he’s already found his new “Christian CFO” and is in contact with TikTok.

If a christian version of TikTok is going to work anywhere, it’s going to be the US so perhaps Kanye’s got something going here. What do you guys make of this? Let us know in the comments!


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