iPhone Users Storage Saviour


Price difference between the 128GB iPhone and the 16GB is quite substantial, the desire to own the latest Apple device overwhelms rational thinking and budget, leaving many desperately going for the entry level which comes with the lowest in storage capability just to acquire an unit.

For those who are now flustered with the lack of storage space for all those selfies and whatsapp videos brimming inside your smartphones disk space, a solution has arrived or arriving in this case in the form of a newly designed flash drive. There are many external lighting flash drives in the market but the one that claim to be worlds smallest is the iConnect from PQI, unassuming in every way.

Yet to be announced (will be unveiled at CES in January 2016) the iConnect Mini measures at only 1 ½” x ½” x ¼” or roughly equivalent to the size of an average person’s thumb and offers storage capacity up to 128GB, which according to the company is made possible through their exclusive COB 3.0 technology.

For added security, it does support Apple Touch ID security which uses individual’s unique finger print to prevent others from accessing or altering any of the images and videos. High speed data transfer is possible with USB 3.0 connectors.


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