Introducing Mygroser, Malaysia’s First Independent Full-Range Online Grocery

MYGROSER has begun allowing sign ups for accounts at The service allows consumers to save money on transport and parking, save time by avoiding busy stores, avoid multiple trips for products that are out of stock, and enjoy fresher products all the time. MYGROSER is Malaysia’s first independent fully online grocery store that delivers fresh meat, seafood, vegetables, fruit and fairy, frozen food, dry food, groceries, premium products and daily essentials

With products for household needs, as well as the pantry demands of offices and businesses, MyGroser is the quick, convenient and safe way to find, select, purchase and have groceries and everyday essentials delivered to you.

MyGroser currently offers close to 9,000 items on its fresh produce (meats, seafood, vegetables), fruit and dairy, frozen food, dry food, groceries, premium products and daily essentials catalogues. Customers can choose to have their groceries delivered anytime between 9.00 am and 9.00 pm, seven (7) days a week across most of the Klang Valley.

Currently the site is featuring a selection of special collections including Items on Promotion, Made in Malaysia, Malaysian Favourites, MyGroser Specials, and Meatless Monday. These are just some of the ways that MyGroser will help Malaysians discover the best groceries and freshest produce they can find.

How it works

1. Head on over to the online store at where you can look for your groceries and premium products, compare them, save them to favourites, and order them quickly, conveniently and safely.

2. From there, the order is processed at one of MyGroser’s centres. MyGroser operates on a Cloud Store model, operating its own end-to-end supply chain to protect and maintain freshness and food quality at every step of the process.

3. Dedicated cloud stores are modelled after your favourite supermarket and contains cold rooms, temperature-controlled environments, and processing sites. Here, products from your favourite brands are kept and processed before being sent to homes or businesses.

4. When an order comes in, dedicated pickers and packers process the order, select items individually, pack them carefully, and have them processed for the delivery teams.

5. Delivery is handled through MyGroser’s own delivery fleet and, where needed, its delivery partners. These deliveries are done with thermal control packaging to keep fresh produce fresher for longer and to provide a superior grocery experience for consumers.

6. Throughout the process, customers can speak to MyGroser through its dedicated help chat that is easily through a question mark icon on the lower right hand side of every page of the website. That’s right – they have real people there!

Pretty nifty stuff eh? The best part is consumers who sign up will receive FREE credits for their use on their first order and stand the chance to earn referral credits as well as other benefits.

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