Intel Assisted Self-Driving BMW i8 GullWing Draws Attention

Autonomous driving is still at the centre of attention at CES 2017, Nvidia and Intel have been driving the message across at the exhibitions over the years, with this year the atmosphere being palpable.

Occupying one of the largest pavilion at the halls with 12,000 sq feet space, Intel showcases its prowess in internet of things and the technology that will drive the cars of the future. BMW i8 electric car with gullwing doors stopped many at their tracks, with the sleek design and who doesn’t gawk at the cool doors sliding upwards.

Showcasing the coming-fast-future of automated driving in an enclosed space, Intel marketers used Microsoft HoloLens “holographic computer” headsets to build an augmented reality experience that allows attendees to augment view what the car sees like sensor data from all sides, other traffic and even data flying up and down from the cloud.

The AR experience allowed attendees to get a feel — from the cockpit or outside the car — for how the future of automated driving will pin passengers in their seat thanks to on-board artificial intelligence and 5G connectivity. Intel booth have already drawn over 85,000 visitors during this years fair.

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