Instagram’s Live Will Let More Than Two Participants

Live streaming is no longer used for any sole purpose. It caters to every intention possible regardless for personal, entertainment as well as business. As it shows consistency in gaining recognition and performance, Instagram is going to step up their game on it.

Soon, creators from Instagram will be able to do live streaming with up to four people. The updates can be expected to be launched in the coming weeks.

Last December, Instagram had already launched a test such that in India that let users try live streams on the platform with multiple participants. The test brought success hence the platform confirmed to offer the updates to other countries. 

Instagram’s CEO Adam Mosseri announced the launch of this new feature in the coming weeks during an interview on Lilly Singh’s YouTube show A Little Late. While Mosseri incited the possibility of doing live shows with “four other people,” the test conducted during the interview only showed a total of four people live.

For time being, Instagram users can perform live with only one other person at any single time. This option could allow Instagram to stand out since no other platform offers the ability to do live streams with several participants at the same time.

This update will be very convenient for any layer of society as it will make things easier. Even conferences that needed more than a few panelists to show to the public will get benefits from it. Instagram really knows what consumers need and they keep providing. Can’t wait to see how it will be executed.

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