Indians Fear Hospital More Than Covid 19

Things in India are getting crazier everyday as the lockdown on 1.3 billion people is producing some weird effects on its population. After bashing up doctors, nurses and frontline workers, those who have been suspected to have coronavirus are refusing to go to hospital, often putting up a fight.

This is the latest nonsense thats coming out of India, since the pandemic began and the country went into lockdown, the people in the nation have been resisting the governments call for social distancing and staying at home. Medical workers have been target of abuse and discrimination, asked to not return home or beaten up if they visit communities. The country is now taking additional steps to control the spread of Covid 19 with road blocks and strict enforcement of social distancing. But this has been a challenging effort.

As how Malaysia is conducting its procedures in stemming the spread, suspected patients who show symptoms are hauled to quarantine centres or hospitals for further tests. Once they have been identified  positive, they are kept in confined areas to prevent passing to others in the community. There has been no case of patients refusing tests are running away from the hospital. However, its a different story in India, there are numerous reports on suspects avoiding of being tested, refusing to get into an ambulance. Hospitals are seen as taboo, the common belief is that if someone is to be warded they will not return. Bollywood, does not help in amplifying this fear as well, many Indian movies depict public hospitals as poorly run and chop-shops for organ stealing syndicates.

India has 23,000 confirmed cases with already 718 deaths, fear is the biggest obstacle gripping the nation from moving ahead with its efforts to stop an outbreak. The Indian government needs tackle this issue fast and continue implementing steps to enhance its lockdown measures.

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