iflix Adds New Channels

iflix is bringing new Channels to their platform. The recently launched Channels feature brings the best from traditional pay television along with benefits of on-demand services. Working with traditional studios and channel providers, iflix brings the best from entertainment studios and brands along with users’ favourite content genre compiled to an easy to navigate channel interface.

Newly introduced to Channels is three branded space – tvN Movies, Oh!K and Aniplus, showcasing various contents from regional and local studios. Some of the featured content on those channels include Train to Busan, Fabricated City, W-Two Worlds, Weightlifting Fairy, Attack on Titan, Bungo Stray Dogs etc.

Additionally, iflix subscribers have access to three new genre Channels, which are specially curated editorial collections – Tempatan, featuring content such as KL Gangster, Rindu Awak 200%, Juvana; Action, featuring movies such as Pearl Harbour, Snowpiercer, Kill Bill Volume 1 & 2; as well as Drama, with Transcendence, 50/50, Warrior etc. iflix Channels will also be featuring content from Disney including Frozen, as well as content from Marvel studios including Thor.

All new titles are available to stream in HD with upgraded audio on the user’s personalised iflix homepage.

iflix Group Chief Content Officer, Sean Carey said: “We are very excited to add new Channels featuring more of the world’s most popular and beloved entertainment brands to the iflix service. Users now have an intuitive, dynamic way to discover new TV shows and movies from the brands and genres they love, completely on demand and on their terms. This is the future of Pay Television – a vast library of many of the world’s best entertainment programming, accessible from any device, localised and personalised for each user, for a price that anyone can afford.”

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