Iconic YouTube Sensation ‘Dragonball Abridged’ Is Coming To An End After 12 Years

In what has come as a total shock to fans and followers of YouTube series Dragon Ball Z Abridged, YouTube Channel Team Four Star has announced an abrupt end to the iconic internet series. The series, which first started 12 years ago on YouTube is pretty much spliced up episodes of the original Dragon Ball Z series but put together in a way that parodies the show.

The parody is extremely popular with fans, with each video from the series attracting between 10-20 million views. The YouTube channel itself has 3.54 million subscribers. The show was one of the first original content on YouTube to actually be good and sort of showed the way forward for internet comedy in general.

The guys behind Team Four Star posted a goodbye video in which they explain the decision to bring the show to an abrupt end. In the video, creators Takahata101, Lanipator and Kaiserneko divulge that their hearts simply just weren’t in it anymore. They also mention how the landscape of YouTube has changed, with the impending threat of the copyright-claim era of YouTube posing a perpetual threat to the team that risks them losing the channel.

With their employees in mind, the channel will now refocus its creative energy towards creating original content with the same creative outlook. You can watch the goodbye video in its entirety above and head on over to the Team Four Star YouTube Channel to watch the entire Dragon Ball Z Abridged series and you best do it before its too late, in this day and age, you never know when videos get forcefully taken down.



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