Huawei’s Next Flagship, The P40, Won’t Have Google Services From Launch In March 2020

Picture courtesy of GSMarena. Reported leak of the P40.

Well, to nobody’s surprise, it seems that Huawei’s next flagship phone, the P40, will also not have Google services when in launches in March 2020. This info comes from an interview given by Huawei executive Richard Yu to Frandroid. According to Frandroid, the Huawei P40 will launch in Paris, sometime in March 2020. This is inline with their usual updates to the P series of smartphones.

While Yu did not exactly state the P40 won’t run Google services, this is mainly based on the fact that he mentioned that the phone will come equipped with Huawei Mobile Services, and we’ve seen that story before. That’s what they did with the Mate 30, so we can expect the same treatment to the P40 lineup of phones.

If you weren’t aware, Google Mobile Services is the term for Google’s licensed suite of services for Android OS. Which basically means all of Google’s own apps, like Gmail, YouTube, Google Play Store, and more are included in this suite.

But Android is actually free for mobile manufacturers to install on devices, but they have to pay an additional fee to get the Google Mobile Services. But as we know, Huawei has been out of the Google game for their newer devices sin May because of the ban.

No telling how the P40 will turn out without Google, but considering the Mate 30 hasn’t done too bad in the market, considering they’ve sold 7 million units since launch. Hopefully, Huawei can keep up the momentum with the P40 but I still wouldn’t recommend a phone with no official Google support. I just can’t.

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