Huawei EMUI 8.0 Update Arriving In January

With Google announcing the availability of the latest operating software Android Oreo, most manufacturers have also indicated of the OS upgrade for their devices including Huawei with their own user interface customised over the Android platform.

EMUI 8.0, the next generation skin for Huawei phones are set to arrive end January 2018 bringing along the many features Google has added on the Oreo OS, plus the company’s much touted enhancement to AI technology. Users can now experience real time image recognition software which can have certain pictures taken to be adjusted based on their profile. For instance, a sunset picture can be automatically adjusted for color, contrast, brightness, exposure to produce vibrant, sharp and perfectly framed.

New add ons include taking a screenshot by knocking twice with a knuckle on the display also the navigation dock is no longer static instead the home button and shortcut dock can be placed wherever on the main screen. Probably the feature that hits directly at Samsung is the dockless PC mode adoption, while Galaxy S8 and Note 8 requires a dedicated dock, Huawei’s update needs only an USB cable. A dual Bluetooth allows wireless mouse and keyboard connectivity.

The split screen function is developed further giving a pad like multi column viewing when scrolling through emails and when notification come while watching a video, the phone will suggest to switch to switch-screen mode for the next action.

Most of the features are only applicable for newer version of the Mate and P series.

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