HP Malaysia Debuts ‘OMEN Hack Hour’ Series; It’s Not What Most Think

HP Malaysia is pushing a web series featuring its flagship gaming laptop, OMEN by HP. Entitled ‘OMEN Hack Hour’, this show focuses on the pure performance delivery of OMEN by HP and its compactibility; both have the intention of helping gamers #DominateTheGame.

Malaysian YouTuber, Reuben Kang, hosts this daily 5-episode web series. He brings along guests, comprising professional gamers, gaming enthusiasts, and complete newbies. Each segment sees guests playing popular games, such as FIFA 18, Player Unknown Battlegrounds, and Overwatch among other titles. The web series also provides tips and tricks from pro players on improving one’s gameplay.

New episodes are air on a bi-weekly schedule at 8pm on Saturday, beginning from 31 March 2018. Selected viewers of each episode, 10 max, will stand a chance to win RM100 in Steam wallet vouchers. Furthermore, HP will reveal details on how one can win a brand new OMEN by HP gaming laptop. Big hint: the reveal comes after the airing of the fifth episode.

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omen by hp gaming laptop

The OMEN by HP 15 and OMEN by HP 17 laptops come with specific GPU types; specifically the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050Ti and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 respectively. The laptops also feature Intel 7th Generation Core-i Quad Core CPUs. Of course, they pair up with the usual assortment of powered storage and memory offerings; both of which are scalable to one’s needs. All these high-performance specs ensures these gaming platforms are also VR-ready.

OMEN by HP boasts options for all to choose – from Full HD resolution to 120Hz refresh rate and NVIDIA G-Sync. There is even a 60Hz 1080p panel option. The laptop has a dragon-red backlit keyboard with full red accents for the WASD keys. These four, to stand out more, come with white backlight. The entire keyboard, coming in full-size with spaced directional keys, also features a 26-key rollover anti-ghosting function.

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