How Cloud Technologies Are Rebuilding Resilience Under Malaysia’s National Recovery Plan

Amazon Web Services (AWS) enables businesses to begin their digital transformation journeys faster, allowing them to focus their highly valuable IT resources on developing applications that take their business to the next level and transform customer experiences – rather than the monotonous heavy lifting of managing infrastructure and data centers.

Selangor State Government has used AWS Cloud technology to build and run the “Citizens Electronic Payments Platform” (CEPat), which allows citizens in the state of Selangor to easily access paid government services (such as tax assessment and compound payments) via mobile and web portal.

CEPat integrates all state and local government services, as well as multiple e-payment channels from online banking and more than 40 e-wallets currently in use in the state. Using AWS has aided Smart Selangor Delivery Unit (SSDU) in hastening their digital transformation journey in order to provide accessible and equitable citizen-centric services.

Selangor aspires to be a dynamic, economically vibrant, culturally rich, and caring smart state in close engagement with its citizens, with the goal of becoming an ASEAN premier state by 2025. Working with AWS enabled the state to scale more, particularly when it came to making the most of the data collected by the state.

Furthermore, using AWS user management and data management services, the state was able to gain insights that can be used to carry out the other initiatives. Part of this can be seen in the establishment of CEPat, the state’s payment platform.

The platform enables users to pay for all government services through a single platform. This includes things like assessment bills, parking tickets, and even applying for a trader’s licence. Because it is linked to the local councils’ database. The app can also be used to make parking payments.


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