HDR10+ Coming To A TV Near You

The next generation TV sets will soon have picture quality that is as dynamic as expensive million ringgit theathres or the rich folks who live Damansara Heights. HDR10+ Technologies, LLC will start offering its new licensing and logo certification program for all TV makers.

HDR10+ technology is a royalty-free, open standard dynamic metadata platform for High Dynamic Range which optimizes picture quality for 4K Ultra HD displays and improves the viewing experience for  audiences. Competing with Dolby Vision which uses similar technology, HDR10+ is backed by Panasonic and Samsung who worked with Twentieth Century Fox in developing imaging standards for dispalys.

The technology optimises picture quality for 4K Ultra HD displays by using dynamic tone mapping to reflect frame to frame or scene to scene variations in brightness, color saturation, and contrast. The resulting enhanced viewing experience can be provided on a wide range of displays bringing the viewing experience much closer to the original creative intent for the content.

Consumers will be able to look for the HDR10+ logo which signifies a product’s certification. The royalty-free adoption of HDR10+ for content production, distribution and consumption has already gained momentum with over 40 supporting companies.

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