Handbags For Food; People In The Philippines Have Resorted To Online Bartering In Order To Survive

The coronavirus pandemic has hit the world hard and while some countries such as New Zealand and even Malaysia have handled it rather well, there are many nations that are struggling to come to terms with the pandemic.

One such country is the Philippines. There’s been over 226,440 cases and 3,623 deaths and while they may not be the worst hit country, there have been millions who have lost their jobs or are stuck at home unable to work as much.

With sources of income hard to come by, many Filipinos have resorted to online bartering of goods in order to survive. Facebook groups have seen massive increases in people who are looking to exchange their possessions such as kitchen appliances, designer handbags and even sneakers just for food and other essential items.

With an estimated 5.2 million Filipino families already experiencing hunger due to lack of food to eat, these bartering groups offer somewhat of a lifeline to those who are really struggling. iPrice group’s study of the increase in bartering found that the Google search volume for the keywords “barter food” soared 300 percent in May.

Digging deeper, it found that food and other essential items were the most popular items being sought after. The increase in bartering highlights just how bad the situation is and if anything, the fact that we should be thankful that the situation here in Malaysia hasn’t gotten to that extent.

At the end of the day, essential goods will always be better than material possessions so let’s try and use our money wisely in the coming months, shall we.



Source: Al-Jazeera



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