Gears Of War 5 Review; The Greatest Gears Game Yet

Microsoft may not be the best at pumping out an exclusive game on their platforms, lately the exclusive games on their platform has been the usual new Forza release and the troubled Crackdown 3 release. Gems like Ori And The Blind Forest and Cuphead has since forgone their exclusivity with a Nintendo Switch release. For a while, it didn’t seem like Microsoft had an ace in their hand, that is until the recent release of Gears Of War 5.  

Game Design 


The Gears Of War has always been the third-person analogue and alternative to Microsoft’s starring franchise, Halo. Since then, the Gears franchise has proved itself to be a fun and compelling game that is best enjoyed in co-op mode. The story of the COG Army fighting subterranean threats like the Locusts or The Swarm has been expanded with each instalment of the franchise. Gears 5’s story takes place right after the events of Gears 4, and if this is your first Gears game, the game provides a full recap of the franchise ala Devil May Cry V.  

Gears 5 has the son of series protagonist Marcus Fenix, J.D and his best friends Del and Kait fully being a part of the COG Army after the events of Gears 4. The three stalwart friends are still finding their place in the world, wondering if they are fighting for a just cause. Things get heated when Kait starts getting mysterious visions that seems to indicate a connection with the Swarm and the threat they pose to the world of Sera. 

Game Modes 

The main draw of the game is definitely the multi-chapter story campaign, which can be played with up to 3 players cooperatively. The campaign will take you to places old and new to the franchise, with great callbacks to the previous Gears Of War games. All the usual third-person cover shooter every game in the series featured has been perfected and finetuned. In co-op, two players will control either Del, J.D or Kait, with the third player controlling the robot companion Jack, who can open doors and use support abilities.  

Online multiplayer is also so back, complete with all the usual Deathmatch and King of The Hill game modes that players are accustomed to. New modes include Escape, a 3-player co-op mode that has you escaping massive hordes of the Locusts and the Swarm. Another new mode is Arcade, where you must rack up points to gain better weapons and survive for as long as possible. All these modes are great additions and keeps the game lasting longer than the up to 14-hour long campaign.  

Final Verdict 

Simply put, this is the best Gears Of War game thus far. It is not only a true return to form, it expands the new status quo that Gears 4 established, as well as giving returning players a whole new campaign and fun new modes. If this is your first Gears game, it’s a fun launchpad into the series. Hopefully this means we’ll be seeing Gears 6 soon, possibly on whatever the next major console Microsoft will be releasing next year. 

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