Functionality Meets Portability in the Canon RAYO S1 Mini Projector

Canon Marketing (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, released the Canon RAYO S1 mini projector in Malaysia back in June. It features superior projection imaging quality, all in a versatile and portable package.

The device is targeted at both the business and consumer segments.

Andrew Koh, President and Chief Executive Officer of Canon Marketing Malaysia said,

“Canon is dedicated at innovating imaging products that enhances consumer’s personal and professional experiences. The Canon RAYO S1 is a natural step in our efforts to meet customers’ needs for convenient and reliable compact projector that provides them the freedom in sharing information whenever and wherever they want to. As the holiday season is around the corner, this could very well be the perfect gift to share your precious snapshots and videos with family and friends,”

Meanwhile, Canon Marketing Malaysia’s head of the Consumer Imaging & Information Group, Jeffrey
Kung, said,

“The RAYO S1 projector is an innovation that complements today’s trend for fast,
easy and mobile applications. With its extended features, the RAYO S1 projector offers users
more than just a projector – they can capture, save and listen with built-in speakers, as well
as easily navigate its features through a smart touch pad, making it the perfect mobile
presentation companion.”

Compact design packs amplified impressions

The small and light design of the RAYO S1 makes it a highly portable and handy travel accessory. For the business professional on the go, the mini projector is the perfect complement to a broad range of mobile devices, enabling impactful presentation of ideas whenever and wherever. Weighing only 235 grams, the compact size of the RAYO S1 makes it extremely convenient to carry around in carry-on bags or even in a shirt pocket, making it well-suited for corporate, retail and educational purposes.

Easy plug and play

The wireless connection feature on the RAYO S1 completely eliminates the hassle of cables. The convenience of the wireless functionality means users can play movies or share content from their Android or iOS device easily through mirroring technology. Offering stable and continuous brightness at 100 lumens at a maximum distance of 2.1 metres, this high level of brightness facilitates clarity in imaging output with WVGA resolution for home entertainment such as movies or karaoke parties as well as business presentations on the go.

Stamina for longer running time

Power is the least of your concerns when screening with the RAYO S1. It has a 3,800 mAh battery, allowing screen time of up to 120 minutes at standard brightness, providing powerful projection for all occasions like catching up the latest movie, projecting an important presentation, or simply show off your pictures. The RAYO S1 can also double as a mobile powerbank to charge your smart devices.

Fit for every need

Running on a touchpad-controlled Android operating system, the applications of the RAYO S1 could be as limitless as your imagination. With 4GB storage capacity, users can store videos and documents for all situations. Be it projecting a recipe video on your kitchen wall while cooking, watching that important football match on roof of the car, making your balcony your cinema hall or transforming the airport lounge into your demo zone, the RAYO S1 offers no limit to when and where you can project.

The RAYO S1 comes with built in speakers and woofer, providing exceptional sound quality
and making it a mobile companion for all your projection needs as it saves the hassle of
carrying additional speakers. Users can also connect their own headphones through its 3.5mm
audio jack if required.

The Canon RAYO S1 is available in Malaysia at the Canon Image Square stores, Canon Official Store on Lazada, and at major IT retailers.

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