Fujistu Malaysia Donates 25 Desktop Computers to SMK Seafield

With SMK Seafield’s launch of its Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) 2018, Fujitsu Malaysia provides the school with 25 of its Fujitsu Esprimo desktop computers. This will allow both the teachers and students to move forward to a 21st century classroom with the power of ICT.

Through the VLE launch and Fujitsu Malaysia’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) outreach programme, this is all part of Malaysia’s Education Blueprint 2013 – 2025. Through the blueprint, it hopes to further revolutionise the way students learn in the classroom by leveraging on ICT across schools in Malaysia.

This comes after the implementation of the 1BestariNet project, which helped to connect over 10,000 public schools across Malaysia to the Internet, while also providing access to the FROG VLE platform.

The generous donation from Fujitsu Malaysia will allows students of SMK Seafield in Subang Jaya to take part in both ICT and Computer Science subjects in the future. This will allow students to further their studies in the field of ICT. Of course, SMK Seafield is no stranger to the world of ICT as it has received both local and global recognition at international robotic competitions.

Datin Aisah Binti Jaman, Principal of SMK Seafield, Cluster School of Excellence, said: “As one of the top five schools using the FROG VLE, SMK Seafield really appreciates the kind efforts of Fujitsu Malaysia in equipping one of our computer labs with 25 units of desktop computers to enable students to embark into 21st Century learning and fulfil the country’s TN50 aspirations. With this contribution, we are proud to name said lab as “FUJITSU ZETTA LAB” – as an honour to Fujitsu Malaysia’s commitment to student enrichment.”

A robotics exhibition was also present during the launch of the FROG VLE 2018 2018 launch where Chiharu Abe, CEO of Fujitsu Malaysia presented certificates of ICT excellence to deserving students and teachers of SMK Seafield.

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