Fixed Broadband Services Sees Double Digit Growth

The demand for fixed residential and commercial broadband services rose by 18 to 22 per cent for the period from August last year to August this year, said Communications and Multimedia Minister Gobind Singh Deo.

Attributing to the implementation of the Mandatory Standard on Access Pricing (MSAP) which took effect ever since the new government took office. The minister added that with the implementation of the mechanism, the number of fixed broadband subscription with the uploading speed of more than 100 Mbps rose eight-fold to 1.2 million subscribers in 2018.

“The outcome of the same initiative saw subscribers enjoying broadband services which were three times higher” he said. With the implementation of MSAP, prices of broadband service have dropped significantly at the same time speeds doubled the whole exercise had benefited more than 1.5 million broadband subscribers compared to the price charged before its implementation. Subscribers for the initial package could now save RM50 per month or RM600 per year.

In addition, he said, beginning September 2019, Telekom Malaysia had also reduced the price for the Streamyx services for the existing 1.2 million subscribers to RM69 per month from the previous package price which was RM110-RM160.

The NFCP projects are already under discussion with major projects planned were the construction of the new communications tower at 153 locations throughout the country for preparing 3G and 4G cellular service coverage. Apart from the construction of new communication towers in about 500 locations nationwide for the provision of 3G and 4G cellular service coverage, connecting fiber optic network to 100,000 premises to improve quality and broadband speed in the suburbs and rural areas and the plan to provide and improve cellular or broadband coverage estimated at 151 Orang Asli settlement areas nationwide were also being planned.


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