Facebook Unveils New Story Feature

Facebook stories have been available for a while now. Stories are Facebook’s answer to the popularity created by Snapchat stories, and later on my Instagram. They include photos or videos that last 24 hours and vanish.

Regular posts tend to drown in the amount of content that’s posted on Facebook. Stories makes it easier to see important content. So the feature getting update might make it better to use for Facebook users and companies.

The new feature is the ability to share events on your story. With this, you’ll be able to go to an event page and see the details. After that you can share it to your own story and see if your Friends would be interested going as well!


The update will also include a tappable sticker within the story which shows event details. Your friends will then be able to respond with “Interested” or “Going to the event” directly from your story. Users would also be able to tap on the sticker to directly go to the event page. Your friends that responded to the event will be in a list, which would make it easier to create a groupchat with those friends.

Here’s how to use it:

  1. Go to an event page that you’re interested in. 
  2. Click “Share” below the date and time of the event. 
  3. Tap “Share to Your Story”. 
  4. View your story. Friends can tap “Interested” to tell you they’re also interested in the event. 
  5. Check out the responses and make a plan. Tap on the circle by friends who are interested and start a group message. 
  6. Get to the event!  
An example of how event stories would work

Overall it seems like it’s gonna be a useful feature for people interested in a lot of events. Making it easier to interact with your friends about events, and not having to @ your friends in comments seems like it has it’s value. Nothing more troubling than having to navigate the comments section of a Facebook page and getting lost.

Comment what you think!