Facebook Cuts Access To Hundreds Of Thousands Of Apps

Back in May, Facebook announced that it will review all apps on its platform and gave developers util August 1 to submit for a comprehensive run through to ensure no funny business like Cambridge Analytica. With the deadline in place, over hundreds of thousand of inactive apps that have not submitted for an app review will no longer have access to the API platform.

In wake of it’s data leak of millions of users and certain parties using the social network to influence users, Facebook has been reeling on the backlash and has suffered serious damage to its credibility, reflected in its recent fall of stock value. The company reacted to the incident by making some changes to its policy and introduced tough measures for app developers linking back to its social site. Screening the apps having them reviewed by its team is just one of them and more processes are being put in place to regain control on how information is shared via its platform.

For developers, those who find themselves blocked from accessing will have to resubmit and for those apps still being used but have not been submitted for app review will have to do so immediately if they want to stay active. Those where more information is needed, developers are given a limited amount of time to respond or which they will also be removed.

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