EA Play Announced; Will Be Hosted Digitally In June


EA recently announced that it will be hosting its annual event, EA Play, on June 11, 2020.

The company promised “world premieres, news and more” for this year’s EA Play, but well, if not that then what else are we supposed to expect, right?

Coincidentally, June 11 was also meant to be the last date of E3 2020, before it got cancelled.

EA has not been in E3 for several years since it started hosting its EA Play event back in 2016. This move enabled more flexibility for EA to present their own games without physical or calendar constrictions.

EA Play usually showcases games and allows people to play their upcoming games. Last year, EA Play showcased games like The Sims 4’s Island Living expansion and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. It also previewed Season 2 for its hit Battle Royale, Apex Legends.

This year’s EA Play will unsurprisingly be held digitally for the first time, amid COVID-19 fears. As this is the company’s first time doing it digitally, it’s likely that the event will prioritise on game announcements and maybe some gameplay footage of its upcoming games.

Although EA Play usually provides a festival-like experience for attendees that span for a few days, its digital counterpart will likely just broadcast new details and teasers on its upcoming games.

Games that EA will likely tease its next FIFA game, FIFA 21, and maybe provide a teaser for Battlefield 6, slated for a PS5 and Xbox Series X release. If we’re lucky, maybe EA will drop gameplay footage for the shooter, too.

Aside from EA Play 2020, the company also dropped a teaser showing off new features in a free update for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

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