Digi Simplifies Digitalisation For SMEs With Digi Business Experts

Digi  is committed in making it easy for Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) owners to take their business digital. As part of this effort, Digi has introduced dedicated business retail advisors, also known as Digi Business Experts (DBEs) in all its 30 retail stores nationwide.

Specially trained with relevant information on business digitalisation and relevant products and services, these DBEs are able to consult walk-in SME owners who may be looking for more input or recommendations on business solutions that will enable them to grow their business in an efficient manner.

Though SMEs represent more than 99% of Malaysian businesses, many face challenges with financing, employee skill sets and general lack of awareness on how to leverage technology to their benefit[1]. This has led to a lower adoption rate of digitalisation enablers such as cloud, Internet of Things (IoT) and data analytics amongst SMEs.

Digi’s Chief Business Officer, Eugene Teh empathised, saying that while more Malaysian SMEs are looking for an effective way to digitalise their businesses, many found themselves overwhelmed with the different information and the many different solutions available.

“To assist our SME friends to take the first step towards digitalisation, Digi has decided to extend our customary business customer channels to include the Digi Business Experts whom the SMEs can consult immediately at any of our Digi Stores. This initiative together with the customary dedicated sales or client managers and enterprise business customer careline support demonstrates our commitment to be the Malaysian SMEs’ trusted digitalisation partner, providing them with relevant information and effective digital solutions customised to their respective business needs.”

The Digi Store in Bangsar Shopping Centre will be the first to introduce a dedicated Digi Business corner where interested SMEs can find out more about the different digital products and solutions that can help them grow their business with the rest of Digi stores to follow suit in the coming months. In the meantime, two (2) full time DBEs are stationed at each of these 30 stores to assist interested walk-ins.

Currently, the Digi Business suite comprises solutions that cater to businesses of various industries that can be customised to best suit their needs. These solutions include internet connectivity plans such as Go Digi and Go Digi WiFi; intelligent GPS tracking and fleet management system iFleet; virtual business telephone system OMNI, cloud-based POS system KryptoPOS; a machine-to-machine (M2M) platform to optimise business processes as well as leased line connectivity solutions including SD-WAN and private VPN solutions.

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