Digi Launches its First Official Shop On Shopee

Digi opens its first official shop on Shopee. The telco is offering great deals on prepaid top ups while planning to roll out offerings like smartphones, bundle deals, data top-ups and many more in the near future. With this collaboration, Digi is making transactions easy, fast and secure for the large database of users to purchase mobile top-ups.

“Digi is currently on a mission to transform our company into a digital services provider and become our customers’ favourite digital partner. To achieve this, the first innovation we are implementing is the digitisation of our core systems including all our touch points and the many ways customers interact with us. Apart from our own channels, partnering with an established e-commerce player like Shopee was an obvious and very simple decision to make,”  said How Lih Ren, Digi’s Head of iTelco.

In conjunction with the official launch, Digi will continue to offer the prepaid top ups with extra value until 3 November 2017. The offer includes prepaid top ups including RM5 reload, RM10 & RM15 reloads with 5% extra value and RM30, RM50 & RM100 reloads with 10% extra value that continues to record high demands from Shopee users. Upon purchase, buyers will receive the 16-digit top up code via push notification, making the process fast and convenient.



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