Dell Laptop Users Can Now Connect Their iPhone To Their PC

If you have both a Dell laptop and an iPhone, then you might want to read on. Dell just released Mobile Connect for iOS, making workflow more efficient.

The app was already made available to Android users for quite some time but wasn’t for iOS until recently.

If you’re new to the app, you will find that it has really convenient features like drag-and-drop files. You can do it between your PC and iPhone.

You can also get notifications from your iPhone on the PC, including calls and text. So yes, you can answer a call from your iPhone while on the PC.

Apart from that, the app does have a mirroring feature available. You can mirror your iPhone’s display and, well, actually use your smartphone’s app while on the PC, which is pretty neat.

While I was initially skeptical about this app, I get how it can end up being very convenient to the user. While in the office, you wouldn’t need to take out your phone at all. If there’s anything you need to get to or transfer from your phone, you can easily do it on your desktop.

Many people perform productive work simultaneously. Sometimes they have to answers calls, respond to emails and messages, or prepare a deck all at once. You’ll be able to better focus on everything on a single screen with this app.

Of course, some people might find this joint experience silly and prefer separate displays for each device. That’s understandable, too. Different people will have different preferences.

Requirement wise, you just need to make sure you have iOS 11.0 or later. Honestly, if you’re using anything below that, just update your phone already.

Unfortunately, this app is made exclusively for integration between iPhone and PC only. Those with an iPad wouldn’t be able to use it.

It also works with Dell laptops manufactured in 2018 onwards and requires Bluetooth. Laptops ranging from Alienware, G Series, Inspiron, Vostro, and XPS will all be able to support the app.

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