‘Deep Nostalgia’, A New AI That Relives The Old Photos… and Memories

Do you have a very old picture of your ancestors in your heirlooms at home? Do you have ancient photographs of presidential figures dated back to the 1800s? Have you ever wondered how the photos can be ‘moved’?

If you checked all the questions above, say hello to the new AI, Deep Nostalgia. It’s an AI-powered service that animates still photos from the past. 

The service is offered by online genealogy company MyHeritage, uses AI licensed from D-ID to create the effect that a still photo is moving. As similar as it sounds like the iOS Live Photos feature, the AI let you take photos from any camera and bring them to “life.”

Deep Nostalgia uses pre-recorded driver videos of facial movements and applies the one that works best for the still photo in question. The intention of the making is very noble; to allow you to upload photos of deceased loved ones and see them in “action.”

All you need is just sign up for a free account on MyHeritage and then upload a photo. Then the automated process will enhance the image before animating it and create a gif. The site says it does not provide the photos to any third parties, and on its main page a message reads “photos uploaded without completing signup are automatically deleted to protect your privacy.”

Deep Nostalgia so far can only manage to do it on single headshots and can only animate faces, in case you are wondering. You can’t do it to a full body shot so if you are thinking of seeing how Abraham Lincoln walks, maybe you should scrap the idea.

You can upload five photos for free to the MyHeritage website for Deep Nostalgia treatment, after that you have to register for a paid account.

Be it for historical purposes or simply just to reminisce the memories, the app still seems scary to be used. Why don’t any of you readers give it a shot and let us know how it’s going to turn out. We’re waiting…

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