DAILY DEAL: Games From Denmark, PAYDAY 2, and more

I would like to take this time out to thank Denmark. The Danes have given us butter cookies, butter cookie tins, as well as games. Yes, you read that right: games, and lots of them. I’m not the only one thanking them too: Steam are having a ‘Games from Denmark’ sale right now til 28 April.

games from denmark sale

Some of the highlights include: stealth game Hitman Game of the Year Edition as well as the rest of the series; indie gems Inside and Limbo from the developers Playdead; cute action platformer A Hat In Time; and tabletop strategy game WARTILE. And these are just the highlights as there’s a lot more on sale. You can check out the full list of games on sale by clicking here.

On top of that, Steam’s 48-hour Daily Deal features the RTS classic Age of Empires 2 HD; it now costs RM7.60, a whopping 80% off! Its DLCs are also on sale for 50% to 75%, though I do suggest getting the full AOE2HD+DLC bundle for just RM25.95. One of the DLCs even lets you play as the Malay civilization! You can check out Age of Empires 2 HD by clicking here for it’s Steam page.

aoe 2 hd daily deal denmark

The co-op heist shooter PAYDAY 2 is also on sale, as well as being free-to-play for a short time. You can get the standalone game half off at RM11.75, or the Ultimate Edition with all the DLC maps and cosmetics for RM49.69, 75% off. The sale itself ends on 30 April. Saying that, you could still play the full game for free til then before buying it. Between me and you, I loved PAYDAY 2 especially with friends, although they still hate me for messing up the ‘stealth’ part of the missions.

You can click here to find out more about PAYDAY 2 as well as the Ultimate Edition.

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