Crypto Mining Ring Busted By TNB SEAL Team

Tenaga Nasional has turned into a super efficient power company leaving no stones unturned when it comes to anyone trying to rob it’s supplies.

Sleuths from both Energy Commission and TNB raided a crypto mining operation located in Klang which was believed to be stealing electricity to run its heavy power consuming computers. During a early morning operation that included 40 SEAL personals, 12 city council operatives and 15 personals from EC, the band of authorities broke into the facility to discover equipment’s to mine bitcoin and other crypto currency.

The illegal operation has been under surveillance for more than a month when TNB officials noticed changes in the cabling system pulled into the premise, this led to deep surveillance works leading to the raid. It is suspected that the miners have been operating the centre for more than 3 months, costing TNB to lose RM30,000 a month. Stealing electricity is a criminal act and those caught can be sentenced to jail terms.

Crypto currency is once again in the spotlight with price rising, Bitcoin one of the more popular one’s is trading at RM40,336 per unit. Covid-19 pandemic increased transaction on the web, alluding people to view crypto as an alternative choice on the internet.


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