Corsair’s Latest Dust and Spill Resistant K68 Gaming Keyboard

Corsair is in Computex at the moment, and showing off the new CORSAIR K68 mechanical gaming keyboard.

Now we could rattle off the specifications, but let’x get the most exciting thing out of the way. It’s dust and water resistant to an IP 32 rating. The K68 uses 100% Cherry MX LED lit mechanical key switches, with a per-key silicone rubber shield  – the thing that makes it dust and water resistant.

K68 also boasts per-key dynamic back-lighting and dedicated multimedia controls, allowing for simple customisation and on-the-fly audio adjustment.

While it’s designed to survive any mishaps happening outside of the game, the K68 also has everything you need to enable a high-performance gaming experience. Per-key red LED dynamic backlighting is completely configurable using CORSAIR Utility Engine (CUE) software, allowing gamers to choose from a wide-range of pre-set lighting effects, or download hundreds of user-made profiles.

CUE also enables in-depth Macro support, allowing any key on K68 to be remapped to any other command or complex multi-function macros. Dedicated volume and multi-media controls put play, pause and skip at the touch of a button to minimize alt-tabs and interruptions, while dedicated windows-key-lock and lighting brightness buttons eliminate distractions or interruptions when you need to focus most.

The CORSAIR K68 is available immediately from the CORSAIR network of authorised retailers and distributors, initially only in North America, China and South Korea. CORSAIR K68 is backed by a two-year warranty and the CORSAIR worldwide customer support network.


100% CHERRY MX Red keyswitches: Gold contact CHERRY MX mechanical gaming keyswitches deliver the ultimate competitive advantage.
Dust and spill resistant: Help protect from accidents so your gameplay never has to stop.
Dynamic backlighting: Brilliant RED backlighting enhances the experience with virtually unlimited lighting adjustability.
Dedicated volume and multimedia controls: Adjust audio on-the-fly, without interrupting your game.
100% Anti-ghosting with full key rollover: No matter how fast your in-game actions are, every keypress registers correctly.
Fully programmable with CUE: Intuitive and powerful CORSAIR Utility Engine (CUE) enables sophisticated macro programming and dynamic lighting effects.
Windows Key lock mode: Stay focused and prevent accidental Windows and Context Menu key presses.




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