Computex 2018: AMD Rumoured To Launch The 7nm Vega 20

Computex season is here! It’s a time of new product lineups, odd prototypes, and lots of hype from both users and brands. One such company that we’re expecting something big from is AMD, and it looks like they may deliver. Indeed, rumour has it that they’re set to launch the new Vega 20.

vega 20

AMD will be launching the 7nm-based Vega 20 this week at Computex it seems. Nothing’s confirmed just yet but it appears as though it will come with up to 32GB of HBM2. Let’s hope that the new 7nm node solves the issues and problems of it’s predecessor, the Vega 10.

The new Vega will most likely be targeted for professionals looking for a powerful workstation. AMD haven’t given any prices but it’s expected to be quite expensive.

(Source: Tweaktown)

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