Real Life Horror; Cinema Ceiling Collapses Injuring Two People During “Tenet” Screening

This is not what we meant when we said we want a 4D cinema experience. No this is straight up real life horror. During the screening of the the newly released movie Tenet at Shaw Theatres in NEX shopping mall in Singapore on Sunday, a ventilation duct collapsed and crashed through the suspended ceiling and onto the cinema attendees.

A spokesperson of Shaw Theatres told Channel News Asia that the incident took place at Hall 6 of the cinema at around 4.45pm.

Looking at the photo above, that looks like something that could’ve come out from the Final Destination movies. Fortunately, the two movie goers were quickly attended by the Shaw Theatres staff and then by paramedics. They were both taken to the hospital as soon as the ambulance arrived.

Shaw Theatres made an official statement on its website that the cinema at NEX will be closed until further notice. There were also signs at the mall informing the public of the cinema’s closure.

Channel News Asia reported that Shaw Theatres is “shocked” by the incident and is working with its landlord, Gold Ridge, and the authorities to investigate the circumstances thoroughly. In response to CNA queries, a spokesperson for NEX shopping mall said it is aware of a “ceiling collapse” inside the cinema hall.

“The authorities have been notified and we are currently working closely with our tenant Shaw Theatres to support ongoing investigations as well as the parties involved,” the NEX spokesperson said.

An engineer was sent to investigate the incident according to the The Building and Construction Authority (BCA). How could something like this happened though? This is not a minor tech error where the screen is not playing the movie. No, this is a whole ceiling falling down on people.

I surely hope those two injured movie goers are not in critical condition. I can only imagine everyone’s shock and how terrified they must be when this happened. Glad to see immediate action is being taken and right now we can only hope for the best. I’m sure after this, they will make sure everything is safe for everyone to enjoy the movies.

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